#10 - English Makes His Edge Debut In Fine Fashion.

By Michael Kennedy

Over the ten days leading up to February 23, 2020, we will highlight some of the greatest moments of Carl English's tenure with the St. John's Edge.

Few could predict the success that Carl English and the St. John's Edge would have in their inaugural season. The expansion team, patched together in the matter of a few weeks, officially kicked off their existence on Nov 18, 2017, versus the Island Storm. In his first game in an Edge jersey, the eventual league MVP would quickly make his mark on the franchise with a game-winning shot in Charlottetown.

In his book, 'Chasing A Dream - the Carl English Story', English told the story best…

"Our first game was in Prince Edward Island. Everything had happened so late that I'd only had two practices with the team. I was coming off of training camp with Olypiacos, so I still felt I was ready to go.

I was wrong. I was really rusty and struggled the whole game. But I finally found my stroke in the final minutes and hit a couple of big shots to make it a one-possession game. I was feeling the emotion and the rhythm.

There were thirteen seconds left, and Jeff Dunlap, the head coach, was drawing up a play. I cut him off. I said, 'Nope, we're going to do this: I'm going to fake in, cut off of this here,  come up top for three, and I'm going to hit that shot, and we'll win the game.' Everyone stared at me.  It was the first game, and I hadn't played that well. Everyone probably thought, This guy is going to be a prima donna. I told them to trust me.

My defender talked a lot of nonsense about being a defensive stopper, smacking his own chest. I looked at him and looked at the referee, and I told them exactly what I was going to do. I told him the route I was going to take and everything.

I hit the three exactly as I said. We won 97-96, and we all walked right off the court."

It was yet another storybook moment in an illustrious, storied career and a preview of things to come in the City of Legends.

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Join us on February 23rd as we celebrate and pay tribute to the career of Newfoundland's own, Carl English. In honour of Carl's retirement, the Edge organization will retire his number 23 and hoist his jersey to the rafters of the Mile One Centre. Tickets can be purchased online at www.mileonecentre.com, by phone at (709)576-7657 or by visiting the Mile One Centre Box Office.