#8 - English and Byrd Go Head to Head.

By Michael Kennedy

Over the ten days leading up to February 23, 2020, we will highlight some of the greatest moments of Carl English's tenure with the St. John's Edge.

Fans of Carl English know he was never one to shy away from mixing it up. He's a player other teams loved to hate. Confrontational, abrasive and the skill to back it up, he knew how to get under his opponent's skin both with his play and his mouth. On December 16, 2018, English and former teammate Russell Byrd, then of the Island Storm, went at each other all night. Physicality, trash-talking, taunting and emotion…it had it all. Both players dished it out as much as they took it. When Russell would nail a three, Carl would come right back in his face and drill one of his own. Byrd finished the night with twenty-five points but it was English who would have the last laugh as he dropped twenty-three on 7-12 shooting from outside and the Edge took the victory, 123-116. Fans at Mile One Centre were treated to a classic. 

"One of my favourite games in my short career. I wanted to beat him so bad. The game was surreal because there were moments I wanted to knock his head off, because he's always known how to piss me off, and others when it was just good to be back out on the court with him, and fun to be going back and forth. The hug after the game was great, I could tell he was proud of me. I look up to him, so that meant a lot. But you can bet your ass if I'd beat him that night - No hug, no smile. And that's Carl, ultimate competitor, alpha male, top dog, but he's been a great big brother for me, very grateful for the time I got to spend playing with him." Russell Byrd

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Join us on February 23rd as we celebrate and pay tribute to the career of Newfoundland's own, Carl English. In honour of Carl's retirement, the Edge organization will retire his number 23 and hoist his jersey to the rafters of the Mile One Centre. Tickets can be purchased online at www.mileonecentre.com, by phone at (709)576-7657